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Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Genetics – 91 Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk/NL (60% Indica : 40% Sativa)
Flowering Time – 10 Weeks

Yield – 450-550g/m2
Look – Lime green buds covered with trichomes and light orange hairs.

Smell – There are only two words to describe the way this marijuana strain smells. Sour Fuel.

Taste – Nice and sour on the inhale, and a nice fuely exhale that stays on the tongue long after smoking.

Effects – Even though this is an Indica dominant strain, it is very cerebral, with a nice calming, relaxing effect.

Medical Uses – Mood enhancement, stress, muscle relaxant



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Buy Sour Diesel online is the heavy-hitting, energizing product of breeding Sour Diesel with Super Silver Haze. These pungent flowers smell sweet like diesel and citrus. Super Sour Diesel strikes fast, moon rocks for sale, providing cerebral relaxation without drowsiness. This strain is often described as being appropriate for daytime use, and may help to stimulate the appetite.Super Sour Diesel,

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