Airistech Herbva 5G Weed Vaporizer


Ensure to read the products instruction manual.


The Airistech Herba 5G digital vaporizer is an economical and extremely portable herbal vaporizer small enough to fit in your pocket or palm in your hand with a long-lasting built-in battery able to heat 420 degrees in under 30 seconds. Grind your herb mix very fine for best results.
* Built-in battery capacity: 1000mAh
* Full ceramic baking heat chamber
* Three popular temp options: 390F, 405F, 420F
* Baking time: 15 seconds
* Heat-up time: 20 – 30 seconds
* No combustion
* Baking technology
* Magnetic mouthpiece
* Click 5 times/off
* Automatic shut off mode: 3 minutes
* Micro-USB for charging
* Dimensions: 3mm x 21mm x 24mm


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