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Buy CBD Isolate Powder | CBD Hemp Oil | CBD Crystals Isolate

If you’ve been paying even the tiniest bit of attention to the medical supplement market lately, you will have undoubtedly noticed the meteoric rise in popularity that CBD has experienced.

In large part, this is due to the massive strides the society has taken toward legalizing cannabis and accepting it into the mainstream. As CBD is one of the many chemical compounds which naturally occur in cannabis plants, it has benefited greatly from these efforts.

If this is of interest to you, then there are many CBD-infused products you can buy. But, there is also another way – you can purchase pure CBD in powdered or crystalline form. There are several benefits to doing it this way, and we will go over them later in this article.

But since there still may be a bit of confusion surrounding this topic, we’ll first take a brief look at what CBD is exactly. Then once we’ve gone over the benefits of getting it in pure form, we’ll show you where you can buy some of the best CBD powder online. We’ll end by going over some of the ways you can use those powders (and crystals) and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

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What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in cannabis. It belongs to the larger class of cannabinoids, the compounds which have a lot to do with the well-known effects of cannabis.

Now, despite the widespread efforts to decriminalize marijuana, this topic is still controversial so it is very important to immediately differentiate CBD from the recreational drug. Even though it is extracted from this plant, CBD is not psychoactive. The intoxicating effect of marijuana has to do with a completely different cannabinoid – tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC).

In other words, a person will not experience the “high” that is associated with marijuana if they use a pure CBD product. Instead, CBD has other effects.

The one benefit of CBD which is fully supported by the medical and scientific communities is its effectiveness in treating certain types of epileptic seizures. That is why the FDA has approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication.

But, there are many other potential benefits of CBD. There are claims it can help treat anxiety, and that it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is also associated with reducing sleeplessness and may act as an antidepressant and an antipsychotic.

Now, there are scientific studies which support all these claims, but many of them were conducted on animals. Human studies exist, but they are still relatively few in number. The reason for this is simple – due to the legal circumstances surrounding cannabis, it is not easy to test CBD. But, it would be safe to expect more studies of this kind in the future.

And even though further studies would help make CBD’s case even stronger, this was more than enough for countless people around the world to try it out and praise its effects – that’s the reason the CBD industry is developing so quickly. People swear by CBD’s soothing effects but also note the other benefits we’ve mentioned.

Why Buy Pure CBD?

CBD is a rising star on the market, and you can find quite a few products that contain it. Oils are very popular, but you can also find various tinctures, edibles, and so on. But, CBD powder and crystals have also been rapidly gaining popularity, and this is due to several unique benefits they possess.

Exact Quantity

2017 study looked at various products which contained CBD. And, it found that around 70% did not contain the quantity of CBD described on the label – there was either too little or too much of it. When you buy a product which contains CBD in addition to other ingredients, there is always the risk that the ratio may be skewed.

Not so with CBD powder – the best products will be 99% pure, meaning any other substances are negligible. That way, you know exactly how much CBD you’re getting.

Adjustable Dosage

With a product that is already infused with CBD, the quantities are set. But when you buy pure CBD powder and add it to other ingredients yourself, you can freely adjust the dosage. You can also consume it raw and easily determine how much you want to take.


The study we just mentioned had another interesting finding – 21% of the tested samples showed the presence of THC. We’ve already discussed the difference between CBD and THC, and the latter is something you definitely do not want to see under these circumstances.

Once again, because CBD powder is so pure, this isn’t an issue. The products we’ll recommend have a purity of 99%, meaning there’s simply no room for THC in there.


Finally, because you’ll be dealing with a raw ingredient, you can use CBD powder in any way you see fit. On its own, or mixed with any other ingredient you like – the choice is yours.


Where to Buy CBD Powder Online

Now that you know more about CBD, you may want to give it a try for yourself. It is very important to get the best product possible, and these four places will all allow you to purchase pure CBD powder online.


cbd powder online

This isolate powder comes from industrial hemp oil – this means it doesn’t have any other active ingredients except for CBD. Specifically, there are no traces of THC. There are also no pesticides, and the product is GMO-free.

You can choose different sizes, and larger packages give you better value per gram. Find it here.

Green Roads

Green Roads is a great source of CBD crystals. These are 99% pure CBD that is isolated during the extraction of the CBD molecules from the plant material. CBD crystals are perfect if you want to create your own CBD infused drinks or foods.

In addition to pure CBD crystals, this line of products also incorporates terpenes. These are natural compounds found in plants which contribute to their flavors and aromas. They work in synergy with CBD to provide a unique and stronger effect.

Look here for more info.


pure cbd powder

According to the manufacturer, this product goes through three rounds of lab testing to ensure it’s up to standard. The result is 99.9% pure powder. It is a potent ingredient, and a little can go a long way. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for the highest possible levels of CBD in each portion.

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cbd crystals

Lastly, these crystal dabs also offer amazing purity and potency. They come in a one-gram package (which is the standard), but that is enough to go a surprisingly long way. And just like all the previous products, it’s made from industrial hemp, meaning you don’t need to worry about THC.

You can go here to discover more.


With these products, not only do you get the purest CBD, but you also get its rawest form. This makes it ideal for a variety of uses.

For one, you can put CBD crystals in a vaporizer and consume them that way. But, you also have many other options. You can add the powder to your favorite oil and create a custom creation. Or dissolve it in alcohol and get a tincture.

You can also use the powder in cooking – the flavor is gentle and won’t overpower the meal. Another popular option is CBD coffee, and you can easily make it as potent as you wish.

Of course, CBD-infused wine is another exciting possibility to explore, and this can give any oenophile a brand new experience to enjoy. And the opportunities do not end here.


With CBD crystals and powders, you have a potent ingredient at your disposal. CBD can relax you and alleviate pain, helping you feel much better. Whether you use it directly or infuse it with other ingredients, the benefits are there for you to enjoy. What to buy cannabis oil instead? Here are some of the best options to buy cannabis oil online.

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