Cheeba Chews Deca Dose has over 100 more mgs of THC, 175mg in all is packed into a single bite-sized chewy taffy piece, and this edible comes on strong and fast. They come packaged one to a box, but it would not be too difficult to cut into smaller pieces.


Who are Cheeba Chews?

Cheeba Chews was started in 2009 in Boulder, Colorado, by James Howler. James noticed that there were major discrepancies between edibles that claimed to have the same effects and strengths. He created Cheeba Chews as a way to standardize the edible lab testing process and develop a new, more discreet, and portable edible compared to the pot brownie that was synonymous with edibles at the time.

Since the company’s inception in 2009, Cheeba Chew has maintained one clear and simple mission; to provide their customers with an industry-leading, discreet, and consistently potent cannabis-infused edible solution.

Thanks to the company’s high standards, utilization of product infusion, independent lab testing, and genuine patient experience, Cheeba Chews have been very successful in their mission. The High Times Magazine has even voted them as “America’s favorite edible.”

Cheeba Chews CBD have given the cannabis market an edible solution that can be easily dosed and that customers can regularly depend on. Cheeba Chews are available in a variety of different flavors and strains – they serve a wide demographic by offering a variety of different edibles in their product line. From those patients who are searching for CBD for non-psychoactive relief to those who need a high concentration of THC, the Cheeba Chews products are carefully infused and thoughtfully created.

Cheeba Chews offers a line of 11 different marijuana-infused edible products. The Chocolate taffy chew was the company’s original product and is now also available in a sativa, indica, and hybrid variety. Of course, there is also a line of CBD-infused taffy options, and they also have a line of Green Hornet Gummies.

Cheeba Chews Highlights

It’s difficult to produce an edible that stands out in an industry that is seemingly saturated with every kind of cannabis-infused edible that you could imagine. But, Cheeba Chews has managed to gain attention for being one of the first dedicated brands when it comes to making groundbreaking, potent, and tested marijuana edibles.

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Cheeba Chews CBD-infused taffy edibles undoubtedly are a scrumptious way to get your each day serving of complete-spectrum CBD. Every single chew has 25mg comprehensive-spectrum CBD oil with less than 0.three% THC content, guaranteed.Cheeba Chews as an organization is called market innovators, currently being among the website list of earliest to marketplace for cannabis edibles. Cheeba Chews expanded their renowned brand name to hemp items created with 100% hemp extract grown in Colorado. So now You should purchase Cheeba Chews CBD products and solutions.

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