Hemp Oil Care CBD Oil 2oz 1200mg


Everyone is different. If you’re starting out with CBD, experiment with the serving size and the time of day you use the Hemp Oil Care spray to figure out the best dosage for you and your circumstances.


This terrific THC-free CBD oil spray from Hemp Oil Care is jam-packed with 1,200 mg of premium CBD from pure hemp oil extract. It provides all the benefits you’d expect from a full-spectrum hemp oil, all handily packaged in a neat and discreet spray bottle. Made using all-natural ingredients, Hemp Oil Care’s THC-free CBD Oil contains essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, including terpenes. A non-psychoactive tincture, this potent CBD spray has been lab tested to guarantee quality CBD content with zero THC. With two tasty flavors, natural hemp and spearmint, you can be confident of an excellent and easy-to-use CBD experience that’s perfect for beginners.
This THC-free CBD oil spray is ideal for first-time users looking for complete control over their CBD dosage. Taken sublingually (under the tongue), you can use the spray anywhere and at any time. It’s fast-acting and comes in two great flavors: a hempy natural flavor and a refreshing spearmint. As with all our CBD products, you’ll get the most out of Hemp Oil Care: THC-Free CBD Oil by using it consistently over a period of at least two weeks.
Why Customers Love It?
* CBD spray contains premium CBD extract, with natural ingredients and essential fatty acids.
* Each serving (2 sprays) contains 7.5 mg of CBD.
* Each 2 oz (60 ml) bottle contains 160 servings.
* Tastes great and very easy to swallow.
* Can be mixed with food or beverage of your choice.
* Free from THC.


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