Khora Cartridge 0.5 ml


THC Percentage: 78%
Sativa: 40%
indica: 60%


What is the Khora cartridge?

Khora cartridge is a well-concentrated, non-psychoactive cannabis oil made from well-selected cannabis plants. Khora oil cartridge is extracted from the Pie Face OG strain using the CO₂ extraction method. This technique is the most used in the cannabis industry. The vaping equipment consists of a tank pre-filled with cannabis oil extracted, a coil powered by a 510 thread battery, an ignition button, and a sprayer.

The battery is rechargeable using an electric current. The packaging contains a USB cord that serves as a charger for the battery. Khora hash vape oil is very high given to his THC percentage, estimated at around 80%. The cartridges contain 0.5 ml and 1ml of cannabis distillate oil. Khora Amsterdam cartridge is well-sold due to the notoriety that it has been able to do in the market.

Khora Cartridges are legal?

This is the question that always comes up on the table when we talk about consuming or selling Khora vape cartridges. Produced and sold in the Netherlands, this product is legal in that country also in Austria. On this side, consumers and traders have no problem with the law when it comes to getting comfortable with a Khora vape cartridge. In countries like the United States, you have the state Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which rules that cannabis products with THC levels below 0.3% are legal.

But except that you have to consume it for medical purposes. If they are selling as a dietary supplement, they can be considered legal.

However, only states like California, Nevada, New York, and 25 others have approved the consumption of Khora Cartridges. In Canada, it is also legal to consume Khora Cartridges but only for medical purposes.

In France, it is almost impossible to consume Khora cartridges even for medicinal purposes; The law does not allow it yet.

The benefits of Khora Cartridges.

Several researchers have thought about the effects that Khora Cartridges can have on the human body. Accordingly to these studies, Khora Carts is one of the cannabis products used for medicinal purposes. Because of the Khora cartridge review, many doctors can help certain patients to recover from certain diseases. Khora Cartridges has the property of treating pain which makes it the best medicine. It can also help relieve:
– Epilepsy
– The stress
– Sleep disorders
– Nausea
– Headache
For this reason, you need to consider the benefits of this product. It is the fruit of the result carried out even by the researchers of the WHO. Some doctors in some countries put Khora Cartridges in the prescription to help patients. But then, it is necessary to control its consumption well for it to be effective. Otherwise, you will develop other diseases in your body.

Where to Buy Khora Cartridges

Why buy Khora Amsterdam cartridges from us and nowhere else? Because we offer you the original quality products. We assist you in the purchasing process; Useful bits of advice for your consumption and health. We protect your financial and personal data. We offer a network distribution spread all over the world. You can place your orders with us even if you are in a country that does not allow the consumption of Khora Cartridges. Order Pie Face Khora cartridge and let us deliver it to you.


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