Mota THC Indica Tincture 900mg


Ensure to read the enclosed leaflet before consumption.


It doesn’t really get any simpler than Mota THC Indica Tincture 900mg. With this specially formulated tincture, you will get to enjoy the highest quality derivatives, infused with organic grape oil and contains 900 mg of THC. The Mota THC Indica Tincture 900mg is perfect for sublingual application and delivers a euphoric effect that lasts for quite a while. This MOTA THC tincture delivers up to 30mg THC per 1ml dropper and has deeply relaxing and soothing properties. Are you a sketchy sleeper? If so, then the Mota THC Indica Tincture is a great smoke-free option that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, and able to get a good night’s sleep without having to count sheep. The Mota THC Indica Tincture is also great for those who suffer from chronic pain. Just two or three drops of the tincture, a couple of times a day will easily relieve your pain. It can also be used as a treatment for appetite loss. The fast-acting formula is possible because of the sublingual application which makes for a quick onset of the medication, resulting in quicker results.


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