Shiva Skunk Automatic Seeds


80% Indica / 20% Sativa


Shiva Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds belong to an Indica-dominant feminised cannabis strain, born from the cross of a Northern Lights #5, a Skunk #1 and a Ruderalis. This autoflowering marijuana strain lives up to her feminised sister, offering even inexperienced growers the chance to cultivate a top-quality Skunk.
Shiva Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds turn into mid-sized marijuana plants that grow vigorous and develop lots of branches. Her buds are particularly beautiful, covered in a very special green-silvery coloring and a thick layer of resin.
The flavour and aroma of Shiva Skunk Automatic match perfectly, mixing delicious hints of Skunk, citrus and musk. Her mind-blowing effect is not suitable for those users who aren’t used to coping with extremely potent strains; so beware. A physical and cerebral dive into a world of profound sensations that can cause unstoppable laughter, fill you with extreme energy or simply provoke some deep soul-searching.


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