TKO Cart


THC Percentage: 87.40%
Sativa: 40%
indica: 60%


What is TKO Extracts?

TKO Extracts cart, which means Total Knockout cartridge, contains cannabis distillate oil extracted from cannabis buds like Sherbert OG.

Originating in California, TKO LLC produces TKO Extracts HTFSE sauce 1000 mg and TKO Extract edibles. TKO extract gives off some potent Indica highs and delivers sedative power everywhere you go with it.

TKO Extracts OG kush hybrid is a refined cannabis oil of incredible purity. TKO 1 ml oil is contained in a small plastic cartridge, and its use is relatively simple and effective.

In addition, TKO Extracts purple punch contains a 510 threaded rechargeable battery, so when we talk about the potency of this product, we directly think of its THC level, which goes up to 84%.

TKO extracts ATF Sativa, TKO Extracts Bacio, TKO Extracts GG4, and TKO Extracts GMO cookies are the best TKO products because they are the most ancient products in the cannabis market. They meet the recommended TKO Extracts packaging quality standards.

You can purchase them on TKO’s official Instagram page or their website; In this way, you have the full guarantee that you will not consume TKO Extracts fake carts.

Fake vs real TKO Carts 2022

Are TKO carts real? The authenticity and the origin of these TKO sauce carts are a controversial topic for marijuana consumers.

To avoid deaths caused by fake TKO cartridges, as in the case of dank vapes, the consumer must first make sure that the product has passed laboratory tests.

To verify and approve it,, the presence of professional and experienced chemists is necessary; This is the case with our TKO 1000 mg carts because, in addition to buying directly from the manufacturing company, our certified medical marijuana doctors first do quality controls before putting them on the market.

If it is still very well known today, it’s partly thanks to the laboratory test. This process is taken seriously to the extent that it values the product itself.

TKO cart meets the quality and safety standards dictated by California law. The laboratory tests performed on the TKO dab carts have validated the quality of this product.

You will see a summary of the laboratory test report on a label on all the packaging.

It also allows you to identify the fake TKO THC carts on the market. We advise you never to consume a TKO CBD cart that has not been lab-tested. We don’t sell fake tko carts!

TKO Carts Flavours

To please all our customers, we have many flavours of TKO hybrid carts in our online marijuana store.

The flavours added to these products are not only to give a fruity taste to the mouth of the consumer but also to diversify the products. Because of these flavours, you do not experience the taste of weed when you consume a banana kush TKO cart.

Among these flavours, we have:
-OG cookies
-Berry Lemons
-Grape Diesel
-Blueberry Kush
-Tangie Lemonade
-Mango Gelato
-Durban poison
-Sour tangie
-Grand daddy purple
-Sour diesel
-Platinum og
-Wedding cake
-Lime og

We want to remind you that this is not a complete list of our flavours, and it’s just to give you a quick overview.

Where to buy TKO Cart

You are right if you are looking for a top-quality TKO vape carts with a high THC percentage.

We give you a reasonable TKO carts price similar to a legit site like Weedmaps. We are the most accessible online store where you can shop TKO carts delta 9 since we have the best TKO vape cartridges. No need to panic about the quality of our products.

If you have been looking at these THC vape pens cartridges for several years now, you are a trusted place in the USA. You can place your order box of TKO carts from your sofa or desk.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers even if they cannot come directly to our weed vape shop. Buy tko extracts Safely!

If you are in New York, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, we can deliver your TKO carts delta 8. We guarantee you a better offer in terms of quality and price


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